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Layer Grit

Layer Grit

Layer Grit
From $3.47

Crushed Granite for developer-Layer chickens

Aids Digestion by Lodging Within the Gizzard to Grind Feed into Small Particles.

 It is important to your poultry's nutrition to offer the proper size Grit. Your Chickens will be able digest better and absorb the nutrients so your Feather friends will be healthier and develop to their full potential and do it faster. We carry 5 different size grits including two of these being for Turkeys.

Feeding Recomendations:

Chickens: Avg to Large in Size

Starter Grit -- to be given free choice 3 days from receiving your Chicks to 2 weeks of age. Broilers 3 days once you recieve them to 3 weeks of age.

Grower Grit -- 3 -6 weeks of age. Broilers 4 -7 weeks of age.

Layer Grit -- 7 weeks on and broilers 8th week on.

50 lbs Grit Starter, Grower & Layer $24.97

5 lbs Grit : Starter, Grower, Layer $5.97

2 lbs Grit : Starter, Grower $3.49

Turkey :

Chicken Grower Grit -- 3 days thru 3 weeks of age.

Chicken Layer Grit -- 4th week thru 8 weeks of age.

Turkey Grower Grit -- 9th weeks of age forward.

Turkey Grit--5 lbs $7.99 / 50 lbs $29.97

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