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Breeder/Layer 18% Chicken, Quail & Pigeon Feed

Breeder/Layer 18% Chicken, Quail & Pigeon Feed

Breeder/Layer 18% Chicken, Quail & Pigeon Feed
50 Lbs

A Fertrell product based feed formula that your chickens will love. This is for Laying /Breeder/Show Hens Adult Quail, Pigeons and they Love it. Many customers have told us that their hens that had not layed in 3 months are now laying again. Others have said their hens actually act and look healthier and laying more eggs. Eating these eggs will be healthier for you to eat as well. 

The ingredients that make this Feed so Awesome. Fish Meal & Oats. However the secret ingredients is the Poultry Nutri-Balancer and RC Gold 4X from the Fertrell Company.

Great Story: This just happened in April of 2024. We shipped some chicks just 7 hours away. They should have arrived the next day. They guaranted 2 days so when they did not arrive the 1st day we thought ok the 2nd day. Well the 3rd day came and went. The Post office did not know where they were. Our Client was beside herself worrying about what she was going to see when they finally did arrive. They found the chicks and as our policy we ask that the box to be opened at the post office. Well she opened the Box and all 27 chicks were just smiling and chirping for food. Not one chick was lost. I give all the credit to this feed that we feed the parents. The chicks are hatched with extra vigor and as healthy as you can get. Our Client was so Happy as we were. We do not send our chicks with Grow Gel so they had nothing to eat or drink all that time.

This Feed is really good !

We are located in Perry Utah near Brigham City and we have customers in Idaho that come down to purchase this feed. We even have customers in Tooele and Utah counties come to purchase this feed. Some of these places are 2 hours away. Thank You so much !!!

This is a Pick up only item. No Shipping available . We do a Drop ship in Salt Lake once a month. We also go to Utah county and soon Cache County.

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