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Utah- Black Orchid Quail Farm

We are excited to announce that the parent company TK Billings Inc has added a new Division to their Line up here at Bresse Star Chick Hatchery.

We will be raising and selling Coturnix Quail. ( Japanese Quail) We will have the standard size and Jumbo's. 

We are also one of the very few Breeders in Utah selling Coturnix Quail and also being NPIP & AI certified. Which means we have someone authorized by the State Veternarian here in Utah Inspect our chickens for Disease twice a year. You can buy with confidence !

 They are not used for hunting, like their cousins the Bob Whites and many other varieties. They are meat and egg birds and do not fly very well. Alot of the time if startled they will flutter in the air and crash land. Once they crash land they hunker down because they know they can't fly very well.  

We will have the Jumbo Quail as well as the standard Coturnix quail. The Jumbo's are just a little taller and stouter and lay a little larger egg as well.  

We will have a Coturnix quail that lays a Light Blue Egg as well, called a Celadon .    

We also have a Surprise a very rare line that very few people in the USA have. We will be specializing in this rare line and be one of a few breeders in the country offering these birds for sale. They were not even introduced to the USA till 2019. The Eggs were imported from Germany in 2019. 

More Info coming........... Hint....They are not white or brown or grey.

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